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Europe’s future depends on our FORESTS.


of Sweden’s land surface is covered by forest, the largest proportion of forested area in the EU


million tonnes

in CO2 emissions reduction thanks to products made from forest raw material

We account for close to 18 per cent of the EU’s 159 million hectares of forest land. Together with Finland, our collective share is nearly



Sweden is among the world’s countries with the greatest share of protected forest, with 26 per cent of our forest protected from forestry

High percentage of privately owned forest land in Sweden

Individual forest owners


Private companies


Other private owners



billion Euro

Total export value (2019)

Join us in conversation, knowledge sharing and collaboration on forestry.

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The forest provides raw materials for products that are used on a daily basis in every home around the world.
Replacing fossil-based and carbon-intensive materials with renewable wood-based products is an effective way to combat climate change.
Forest residue increases Europe’s energy independence and is one of the few large-scale renewable energy sources that we have access to.

About us

Future of Forestry is a platform for conversation, knowledge sharing and collaboration in forest-related EU issues. The protection and development of forest biodiversity is a key issue for the present and future forest industry – and a prerequisite for forest raw materials to continue replacing fossil raw materials in society.

Future of Forestry is an initiative by FAM – a privately-owned Swedish holding company that manages assets as an active owner with a long-term ownership horizon.

Feel free to contact us at to be part of the conversation about the most important resource for the future of Europe and the EU.

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