The Future of Forestry is an initiative taken by FAM. This is a platform for conversation, knowledge sharing and collaboration in forest-related questions, with regards to FAM’s interest in the forest and forestry. The protection and development of the forest’s biodiversity is a key issue for the present and future forest industry – and a prerequisite for forest raw materials to continue to play a crucial role in replacing fossil raw materials in society.

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FAM’s forest involvement

Kopparfors Skogar is owned by FAM, and has in its holding 283,000 hectares of forest, that the company also manages. FAM is also the second largest owner of Stora Enso, a company active along the entire value chain, from forest to finished products with a total forest holding in Sweden of 1.4 million hectares, of which 1.15 million is productive forest land. All holdings are certified according to PEFC and FSC.

Håkan Buskhe, CEO of FAM, talks about his relationship with the forest, about why forestry issues are important to FAM and Sweden, and why FAM has started the project Future of Forestry.