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Building the Bioeconomy Together

The seminar on the bioeconomy that took place in Brussels in mid-November included many interesting conversations and topics. All member organisations of the Forest Coalition, that Future of Forestry is a part of, agree that developing the bioeconomy is an important part of the solution – for the planet as…
Jana Lundin
November 28, 2023

The forest – an important part of the world economy

Five European countries account for approximately 75 percent of the EU's total production of sawn wood. Swedish exports alone correspond to 15 percent of the other EU countries' combined production of sawn timber. Globally, Sweden represents ten percent of the global export value of sawn wood, corresponding to a value…
Jana Lundin
October 3, 2023

All forests are different

What’s the difference between a natural forest, a production forest and non-productive forest land? We have met Per Simonsson, nature conservation specialist and forest ecologist, who told us more about the forest types in Sweden.In Sweden, there are 27,9 million hectares of forest land of which 23,5 million hectares of productive…
Jana Lundin
June 8, 2023

Are satellites enough to measure the forest?

In June 2021, a study published in Nature claimed that the felling of forests in Sweden had increased dramatically, something that later turned out not to be true. The statement was met with great criticism and was rejected by, among others, the Swedish Forest Agency and SLU. The study, which…
May 19, 2022