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Forests are the green gold of Europe

Forests play a vital role in the green transition of our societies. European forests range from the pine forests of the Canary Islands in the south, to the birch forests north of the polar circle in Sweden and Finland. Applying the same set of policies for a region as diverse…
Jana Lundin
February 21, 2024

Status report on the Swedish forest

Sweden’s land area is covered by forest. It has made Sweden’s journey possible from poverty to success. Exports of forest-based products provided revenues that were used to build society and develop processing chains with increasingly efficient production and, eventually, new revenue streams. The importance of having an industry that forms…
March 6, 2023

Sweden protects more forests than is reported

The Future of Forestry has produced a report that describes the difference between how Sweden and Germany report protected forests. The report shows that Sweden and Germany define protected nature in different ways. Sweden stands out with a very strict interpretation of what is considered protected. The majority of the…
June 22, 2022