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Displacing fossil resources

A substitution or displacement effect occurs when wood-based products replace products made from fossil raw materials. This means that fossil carbon is removed from the materials cycle and replaced with biogenic carbon. The total amount of carbon in circulation therefore stops increasing. As long as we only use the net…
April 5, 2023

Private forest owners bring diversity to the forest

There are close to 320,000 private forest owners in Sweden, and together they own about half of the productive forest land. For these 320,000 private forest owners, the forest is an important part of their everyday life – it’s where they live, take walks, pick mushrooms, and hunt – all…
Jana Lundin
November 14, 2022

Environmental care in Swedish forestry

In Sweden, the current Forestry Act was adopted in 1993, changing the conditions of how forestry is conducted. A monumental change was the fact that environmental care and production goals became equally prioritised, an important decision that strengthened environmental practices in forestry. The new Forestry Act also gave forest owners…
August 31, 2022