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On March 20th, FAM and Future of Forestry hosted a seminar unveiling the report “Substitution potential and climate impact in the EU forest value chain” in Brussels. During the seminar, following people attended:

Ambassador Torbjörn Haak, Deputy Permanent Representative of Sweden to the European Union, Håkan Buskhe, CEO FAM, Salla-Mari Järvinen, senior consultant AFRY, Magnus Fernström, Investment Director, FAM, Dr Peter Holmgren, Emma Wiesner, Member of the European Parliament and Henrik Vassallo, Advisor EU Affairs, Wallenberg Office.

The seminar highlighted a surge in interest surrounding forestry issues and the production processes of raw materials. Future of Forestry firmly believes that forests and their derivatives will play a pivotal role in combating climate change.

It’s evident that we’ve only scratched the surface of wood fiber’s potential to replace fossil materials. Unfortunately, this discussion remains largely overlooked in the EU. One contributing factor is the lack of concrete evidence showcasing the bioeconomy’s capabilities. Hence, the inception of the study on the “substitution effect” at the European level.

Access the report Substitution potential and climate impact in the EU forest value chain here.